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Do you know Bare Acts and Case Laws are not meant to be read separately?
Court's interpretation must be read along with the provision.
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Why Bare Laws?

Bare acts and case laws overlap. Bare acts are not complete laws they leave scope for ambiguity interpretation though various internal and external aids clear that ambiguity. Case law right after provision is the right way to read the provision. Overcoming the shortcomings of existing laws readings with Beginner and Advanced Friendly Modes!

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Responsive & Readable

Conscise and to-the-point law
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Lankmark Cases
Basic Interpreating cases

One of a kind Complete law library, fast, concise, instant search, to the point, in your pocket, at one click!

Setting things in place. Plain and Simple

, know the complete law. Concise does not mean that the content is limited but right law

Numbered and structured and organised

with a new citation method QuickLaw (Click on colored green-red text to show in right page the Caselaw relevant)

Stop spending hours on searching the right law.

You have been reading the law wrong way all along. No need to read any other case law than we have mentioned Correct way of reading law is barelaws through interpretation of framework

Convenient Fast and Trustworthy

It is Hard to remember all provisions and cases. With Bare Laws you can take them anywhere with you be it Desktop, Mobile Phone, Laptop or a Tablet

The Right Stance

Why are amendments not listed in acts. Why are some of the acts you are looking for are missing. Know every answer with Bare Laws.

Interpretation of Statutes

The law should not be read broken it should be read as a whole - This is the First rule of intepretation of statues.

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Great support, great documentation and you guys done a fantastic job in commenting everything, makes it very easy to read, so thank you.

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Excellent Template really versatile and well documented. Makes anyone look like a design professional.

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This is the most robust template I've ever worked with. So much can be done with this multi-purpose package. Regular updates and enhancements add tremendous value.

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